NASIG wants you! to Volunteer for Assignment

NASIG friends,
Thank you for electing me your Vice President/President Elect.  When asked to list the accomplishment I am most proud of, my NASIG work is it.  Perhaps this is because it is volunteer work for an organization that I have grown up with and that has fostered my interests over time.  Perhaps it is because there are just so many interesting people to meet and so many interesting topics to discuss.  The ecology of serials and electronic resources has only become more involved and more complex over time.  What would I do, what would we all do, without NASIG as a foundation?
With these thoughts in mind, please consider donating some time to NASIG this year on one of the established committees.  You will enjoy the work and the chance to meet new people.  Librarians, publishers, vendors, all members are needed. 
The link to the Volunteer Application Form can be found in the center of the page of the NASIG Committees page: <>  
Below that link is a list of all committees with links to the description of each committee.  Take a look. See what areas of the organization you might like to help. Go for it.
If you are currently finishing year one of a normal two year term of service on a committee, you will be reappointed to that committee.  (Thank you, that was easy!)  If you are finishing a two year term and would like to be reappointed to the same committee for another two years (bless you), please submit a form so I know this.  Want to be on a different committee?  Sure, send me a form.  And let me know if there are problems or questions.  If you are unsure whether or not you should submit an application, submit one.  I’ll let you know.  There are some rules about how long you can stay on one Committee.  If you go over, I’ll let you know.
Please consider joining the team for 2012/2013; submit an application!  The deadline for volunteer applications is Monday April 2; just two weeks away, so don’t hesitate.  NASIG is your organization.
Many thanks,
Bob Boissy
NASIG Vice President/President Elect
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