NASIG 2012 Election Is Now Open!

Hello NASIG Members! 

The Nominations and Elections Committee is pleased to announce that online voting for the 2012 election is now open.  You will be able to vote for one Vice President/President Elect candidate, one Secretary candidate, and three Member-at-Large candidates.  To cast your vote, please go to:**insert_pk_individual**

Please pay careful attention on the ballot to how many votes you have entered for each office.  If you vote for more than the number of candidates allowed for an office, your votes for that particular office will be disqualified.  

You will be required to enter your NASIG user id and password before voting. Ballots must be submitted by midnight (EST) on Monday, March 12, 2012. 

You may review each candidate’s profile, position statement, and photo by clicking on links that lead to the candidate profiles, which are available within the ballot. 

Results will be announced by the end of March 2012.  Thank you for participating in this VERY important process!
Pam Cipkowski,
NASIG Nominations & Elections Committee Chair

Christine Radcliff,
NASIG Nominations & Elections Committee Vice-Chair

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