Contingency Planning Discussion, Part 1


The NASIG Executive Board Contingency Planning Task Force has developed five themes that we would like to present to the membership for discussion. It is our hope that these discussions can help make NASIG even better than it already is. The five themes are:

  1. NASIG mission and vision.
  2. Membership development and engagement.
  3. The value of NASIG.
  4. Partnerships with other organizations.
  5. Keeping the conference relevant.

Between now and the conference in Nashville, we will be sending out questions for each of these themes to generate discussion. The Contingency Planning Task Force will collect the thoughts, ideas, and questions generated and compile them into reports for the Board. Your participation in these discussions is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

NASIG Executive Board Contingency Planning Task Force:

  • Carol Ann Borchert, Board Secretary
  • Angela Dresselhaus, Editor-in-chief, NASIG Newsletter
  • Buddy Pennington, Member at Large 

NASIG Contingency Planning, Part 1
NASIG Vision and Mission

Serials are constantly changing.  Today, many serials librarians have taken on new roles in the area of ebooks, streaming media and other areas beyond the traditional serial.  Is it time to reconsider the mission, vision and name of NASIG?  The membership provided words that describe what NASIG means to them in the tag cloud below and also discussed this topic at the Annual Conference in St. Louis.  Now it is time for the entire membership to consider the questions below from the contingency planning and the brain storming session.  Please take a moment to provide your feedback on this important topic.

Discussion Questions 

  • Should we define serials in a broader context to reflect the evolution of serials librarianship?
  • What problems does NASIG exist to solve?
  • Which two words should we use in our mission and vision?
  • UKSG has retained their acronym but changed the scope of their organization. Is this the way NASIG should go?
  • Do we need a slogan instead of a title change? Some examples are provided below.
    • NASIG:  Redefining Serials
    • NASIG:  75% of your materials budget
    • NASIG:  Theoretical foundation.  Pragmatic problem-solving
    • NASIG:  Theoretical foundation.  Pragmatic solutions

Buddy Pennington

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