NASIG Discussion Forums Discontinued

A message from NASIG Prez Steve Shadle:

Dear NASIG membership,

After discussion, the Executive Board has decided to discontinue the use of the Discussion Forums linked from the NASIG Website.  Feedback from the 2010 communications survey and conference brainstorming session indicated they were not greatly used and that the discussion list (NASIG-L) was missed by a group of users that preferred email as their default for electronic communication.

In the last two years, social networking services have become much more commonplace (and for some, ubiquitous) so that most communication that would have previously been through the forums is now happening through our Facebook site.  NASIG-L was re-instituted last year so that those members who prefer email communication will have that channel available for discussion, announcements, etc.

The Board has also decided that (given the nature of most of the forum traffic) there is no need to archive the forum content.  The forum links will be taken down in the next day or two and the Electronic Communications Committee will revise any communication documentation to remove references to the Discussion Forums.

Thanks very much for any input you supplied through the communications survey and at the brainstorming session.  Please feel free to post a message to the discussion list, facebook, or contact me personally if you have any questions or comments about this decision.


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