ECC News

The Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) submitted some items of interest for the NASIG Executive Board’s fall meeting last month in Nashville.

The reconstitution of the NASIG-L discussion list several months back also came with additional spam. Spam filtering has been enhanced though a few things manage to seep in now and then. ECC monitors the lists more frequently now in an attempt to catch those items.

The Committee has been reviewing the entire website for outdated information and broken links. Did you notice we added links to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and LinkedIn on the NASIG homepage, too? NASIGers have multiple options for getting their NASIG fix!

Other notable items: our site stats are looking good! The NASIG homepage had almost 2,000 page views between October 7 and November 6. The Annual Conference page, with 828 views, is the second most popular page. The NASIG Blog has had 7,144 views since January 2011.

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