Post-Conference Message from Past Prez Katy Ginanni

Message from 2010/2011 NASIG Prez Katy Ginanni, sent to members on June 8, 2011:

Dear NASIG members,
What a great time I had in St. Louis! The city was fun to explore, the hotel was comfortable and accommodating, the social events were fun, and the programs – as per usual – were topnotch. I hope all of you who attended had a similar experience. Please don’t forget to let us know by filling out an online evaluation.
I’d like to take advantage of this bully pulpit one more time to acknowledge several groups of people. Without the careful planning and meticulous attention to detail from the Conference Planning Committee, we wouldn’t have had such a good time at the Hilton Ball Park and in St. Louis. You may have heard me say that there were no crises to deal with during the conference, and that was the truth! Many thanks to CPC.
Further thanks go to the Program Planning Committee, too. They begin soliciting and reviewing program proposals in the fall, as well as lining up Vision speakers. Although they have a fairly firm program lined up by late winter, their jobs do not end as they continue to communicate with speakers, coordinate AV needs with CPC, weather last minute changes with speakers, and so on. NASIG continues to enjoy a very good reputation for programming, and it’s because of PPC that we have that reputation.
Speaking of speakers, we couldn’t do it without you! Thanks to all those who offer their time and expertise so that we might all benefit and learn from those who are doing something new, better or just different.
Finally, I’d like to thank our sponsors and exhibitors. In this trying economic climate, NASIG is not the only conference with a reduction in attendees. The sponsors we’ve had for the last few years have helped ensure our continued financial well-being, which means we can continue to offer the great programming, networking opportunities and plain old fun that are the hallmarks of NASIG conferences.
My thanks to you all! I hope to see you again in Nashville for our 2012 conference!  And bring a friend or two!  🙂
Katy G.

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