New SERU logo

SERU, a NISO Best Practice, is an easy way for libraries and publishers to streamline ordering  electronic resources — without the time and labor required to negotiate a license. And SERU now has a new logo available for use!

To see the new SERU logo, go to This is the high resolution SERU logo for download and use on your site.  You can choose the style and size that best suits your purposes.

For publishers registered with SERU, you can now download a SERU logo and flag the titles you offer using SERU, or post the SERU logo on your site to quickly identify you as a SERU participant.  We recommend using the logo as a hyperlink to the SERU homepage ( to guide librarians from your publisher website to the SERU site.

Registered libraries can also use the SERU logo to let publishers and peers know you support the SERU Best Practice.

For questions about the logo or if you want more information about SERU please contact either of the SERU Standing Committee Co-Chairs: Judy Luther ( or Selden Lamoureux (

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