Call for Reporters – Serials Review

Call for Reporters:

The fall conference season is gearing up and the “Serials Spoken Here” column in Serials Review is seeking reporters to cover select elements of the following conferences:

1. KLA/KSMA Joint Conference, Sept 15-18;
2. MidSouth eResource Symposium, Sept. 16;
3. SDLA Conference, Sept 22-23;
4. ITHAKA Sustainable Scholarship, Sept. 27-28;
5. LITA National Forum, Sept. 30-Oct. 3;
6. MLA Conference, Oct. 6-8;
7. EDUCAUSE Annual, Oct. 12-15;
8. ILA Annual Conference, Oct. 13-15;
9. WVLA Annual Conference, Oct. 13-15;
10. ARSL-ABOS Joint Conference, Oct. 14-16;

Attendees who are interested in reporting on conferences are encouraged to contact Kurt Blythe, column editor, at for further details.  Those of you attending conferences occurring close on the heels of those named in this message may wait to see a call for those conferences or contact me preemptively.


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