ALA-Continuing Resources Standards Update Forum

Continuing Resources Standards Update Forum

American Library Association Annual Conference, Washington, DC
Sunday, June 27, 2010
10:30-12:00 noon
JW Marriott Hotel, Grand Ballroom III

The Continuing Resources Standards Update Forum presents the latest news on standards and best practices affecting the management of continuing resources at American Library Association conferences. The session is presented by the ALA ALCTS Continuing Resources Section, Continuing Resources Standards Committee and generously sponsored by Swets.


Institutional Identifier
Grace Agnew, Associate University Librarian for Digital Library Systems at the Rutgers University Libraries and the co-chair of the NISO Institutional Identifier Working Group

Grace Agnew will speak about the Institutional Identifier, a forthcoming NISO standard that includes a globally unique identifier and metadata sufficient to identify an institution involved in the digital information supply chain.  Agnew will discuss the status of the standard, including the draft metadata and scenarios of use and will solicit feedback on the work from members of the audience.

A Rose by Any Other Name… But Could We Find It?

Regina Romano Reynolds, ISSN Coordinator, Library of Congress

Inaccurate journal citations on journal websites and in journal aggregations cause problems for researchers and libraries alike. Unless such websites accurately and consistently list all the titles under which content was published, together with their related ISSN, user access to expensive content becomes a treasure hunt at best and an exercise in frustration at worst. NISO has created a working group charged with developing a Recommended Practice that will provide much-needed guidance on the presentation of e-journals particularly in the areas of title presentation, accurate use of the ISSN, and citation practices to publishers and platform providers. This presentation will provide some illustrations of the current situation and an overview of the NISO groups goals, potential strategies, and timeline.

E-books and ISBNs
Brian Green, Executive Director of the International ISBN Agency

One of the constant principles of ISBN over the last 40 years has been that it identifies a unique product (e.g. an edition of a book). This has facilitated discovery and acquisitions and enabled e-commerce, distribution and aggregation of product information. There has, however, been inconsistent implementation of ISBN for e-books, creating some confusion and problems, especially for the library community.

Brian Green looks at the e-book supply chain, discusses the International ISBN Agency’s recommendations for the assignment of ISBNs to e-books and compares the different positions of ISBN and ISSN with regard to digital publications.

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