Newsletter still looking for conference reporters

The Newsletter still needs a number of volunteers to report on sessions at the upcoming conference in Palm Springs, CA, on June 3-6. Reports will be published in the September issue, and we’d like to be able to cover all conference sessions. We still need reporters for the following:

  • All vision sessions
  • Strategy A3: It’s Time to Join Forces: New Approaches and Models That Support Sustainable Scholarship
  • Strategy B2: Transparency & Publisher Pricing Models
  • Strategy C1: Biomedical Publishing 101: An Overview from the Chicago Collaborative
  • Tactics A2: Don’t Pay Twice! Leveraging Licenses to Lower Student Costs
  • Tactics B5: Like a Haven in the Shifting Economic Sands
  • Tactics C2: One Identifier: Find Your Oasis with NISO’s I2 (Institutional Identifier) Standard
  • Tactics C3: Pay-Per-Use Article Delivery at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point
  • Tactics C5: Metadata Value Chain for Open Access E-Journals

If you are planning to attend the conference and are interested in reporting on one of these sessions, please contact the Newsletter’s conference editor, Julie Kane (

Please indicate the session(s) that you would like to cover.

The following guidelines will apply:

The reporter’s name will appear in the byline as the author of the report.

  • The deadline for submitting a Newsletter conference report is July 1, 2010 (about 3 weeks after the conference) for inclusion in the September issue.
  • Reports are generally summaries of presentations and may vary somewhat in length, scope, and depth of coverage, at the reporters’ discretion; reports must be full prose (not outlines or written out notes) and preferably between 250-500 words.
  • The Newsletter Editorial Board reserves the right to edit reports to any degree, or to not publish any report it deems inappropriate or unsatisfactory.
  • Reporting for the Newsletter is not the same as recording for the Conference Proceedings; Newsletter reports are generally less substantial than articles in the Proceedings.
  • NASIG members, and especially the Newsletter Editorial Board, will be very appreciative and grateful for your report!

Julie Kane
conference editor

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