NASIG Photos Wanted


We need pictures!!!!!! Especially of the older conferences — Looking for photos of souvenirs!!!

The 25th Anniversary Task Force needs your help!  If you have photos in either print or digital format from past NASIG conferences and events, please consider contributing them for the special 25th Anniversary celebration.  As the conference is happening soon, please send as soon as possible.

We encourage you to submit photographs for possible inclusion in our anniversary publications and for posting on the NASIG website.  Selected photographs may also be retained in the NASIG archives for historical purposes.   By forwarding the photos to NASIG, you are giving NASIG the right to post any pictures on the web, use as part of a slideshow or include in any printed material.   If anyone requests that a picture be removed, NASIG will comply.

Whether your photographs are in print or digital format, several options are available for contributing your photos.


  1. Uploading photos to the NASIG Group Pool on Flickr (Instructions to follow.)
  2. Sending photos in a zip file via email to Deberah England at
  3. Saving photos to a CD and mailing the CD to Deberah England at:

Deberah England
Electronic Resources Librarian
Wright State University Libraries
3640 Col. Glenn Hwy.
Dayton, OH 45435-0001


  1. Scanning print photos and saving them in digital format (preferably at 300 dpi or higher) at your local Walmart, retail discount chain store or local drug store.  Once the photos are in digital format you can contribute photos using one of the digital methods described above.
  2. Mail your photos to either Christine Freeman-Radcliff or Mary Marshall, who will scan your photos and save them in digital format.  All original print photos will be returned to you.

This option is provided for members who prefer not to include their photographs on a publically accessible site, such as Flickr.

Please email Christine or Mary – they will respond with the address to use to mail the photos.

Christine Freeman-Radcliff               OR   Mary Marshall
Texas A&M University Kingsville          email:

For each photograph submitted, please tag photos with:

  • Conference year and/or location
  • Captions (i.e. event, function, etc.)
  • Names of individuals in photograph, if known
  • Photographer credit


In order to contribute photos to the NASIG Group Pool on Flickr two steps are required before you can upload photos.  These are creating a Flickr account and sending a request to become a member of the NASIG group.

If you have an existing Flickr account

  1. Sign-in to Flickr at:
  2. Go to the NASIG Group Pool at:
  3. Click on the “Join this Group” link located on the navigation menu at the middle-top of the page
  4. Complete the brief form requesting to join the group.  A NASIG Group Pool administrator will approve your membership in the group.  If you have problems with this step contact:
  5. Upload photos to your photostream. Flickr allows you to upload one photo at a time or batches of photos.

a.       Sign in

b.       Click “upload” located at the bottom “You” menu

c.        Click “choose photos and videos” (There is a limit of 100MB of photos that can be added per month for free accounts)

d.       Select photo(s) to upload

e.        Upload photo

f.        Click “add a description and photo title’

g.        Add to set (e.g. NASIG 2009, NASIG 2008, etc.)

h.       Add tag

i.         Click “save”

  1. Go to the NASIG Group Pool at:
  2. Link photos in your photostream to the NASIG Group Pool

a.       Click “add something” located in the “Group Pool” line located near the top of the page

b.       Select the set of photos you want to add to the NASIG group

c.        Click on each photo you want to add.  Six photos can be added at a time.  (Photos will appear in the right table frame.

d.       Click add to Group

  1. Sit, back, relax and enjoy perusing photos from past NASIG events!

If you need to set up a Flickr account. 

Flickr is a product of Yahoo.  If you already have a yahoo account, all you’ll need to do is set up a Flickr ID.  If you do not have a Yahoo account, you’ll need to set up one.  The process will prompt you to create a Yahoo account before you can create your Flickr ID.

  1. Go to Flickr at:
  2. Click “create your account”
  3. Login to Yahoo.
  • If you don’t have a Yahoo account, click “Sign Up” located at the bottom right of the page.
  1. Yahoo will then prompt you to set up your Flickr ID
  2. Repeat steps two through eight above under “If you have an existing Flickr account.” 

* Please remember to tag all photos with “NASIG” and the event name (e.g. NASIG 2008, NASIG 2009)

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tina Feick, Co-chair

Teresa Malinowski, Co-chair

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