Request for Conference/Meeting Reports

The NASIG Newsletter needs YOU to provide brief reports of conferences, meetings, seminars, and other continuing- and e-resources related events NASIG members have attended.

The best reports are informal, hitting the main points and piquing interest to know more. We will edit to NASIG style; just present the material as if you were informing a colleague about an interesting event — because that is just what you will be doing.

We are seeking reports for these events in the recent past:

  • North Carolina Serials Conference
  • New England Technical Services Librarians’ Spring Conference

And these future events (and any others!) Remember, if it interested you, it will interest others in the field:

  • CONSER Operations Committee Meeting
  • Introduction to Journals Publishing Workshop – Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers

And let’s look ahead to:

  • Medical Library Association
  • Special Libraries Association
  • Society for Scholarly Publishing
  • American Library Association Annual Conference

There are truly too many serial and e-resource related events at these conferences to list them all easily, but of course we are especially interested in programs sponsored by continuing resources interest groups or sections.

For late May and June events, query Naomi Young at, or (for April and early May events) send your meeting summary directly by May 15. Word, OpenOffice, .rtf and plain text submissions are acceptable.

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