NASIG Election is open!

Dear NASIG Members,

online voting has been reopened! Deadline for voting is midnight C.D.T. on Monday, March 29. Access to the candidate profile information is available from the ballot. Please follow these steps to vote.

Step 1: Go to the NASIG website ( and login.

Step 2: Copy and paste this URL into the address box

Step 3: Copy the ballot password. Click on the “Click here to fill out your ballot” link. 

Step 4: Paste the ballot password into the proper box. The password is located on the previous page with the ballot link.

Step 5: Enter the email address associated with your NASIG account, cast your votes and click the “Done” button.

These steps are necessary in order to maintain the proper levels of security and anonymity. Email addresses will only be monitored to weed out any duplicate or non-member votes.  You may access the ballot multiple times as long as you do not click the “done” button. You can NOT complete a portion of the ballot and then go back to it later.  If you have technical troubles or questions, email

Rick Anderson, NASIG President, announced on March 11th that Arcstone encountered technical difficulties while processing the election results. As Rick explained, our bylaws state that the election must be completed 60 days prior to the annual conference.  While Arcstone works on the problem and in order to meet the deadline, the Board and the Nominations and Elections Committee decided that our best option was to rerun the election using different software.  After careful consideration and planning, it was decided to run the election using Survey Monkey. With that said ….  

Thanks to Beth Ashmore of ECC and the NASIG Board for their assistance in finding an alternative solution.  N&E apologizes to the candidates and to the NASIG members for this unfortunate situation.

Please participate in the election!  Deadline for voting is midnight, C.D.T. on Monday, March 29th.

June Garner, N&E Co-Chair

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