NASIG Newsletter: Call for Content

Friends and colleagues,

Please give some thought as to whether any of the below conditions apply to you, and, if the answer is ‘yes’, let me know if you’d like to be included in the March issue of the Newsletter. Participation is completely voluntary, but I’m happy to publish nearly anything in the interest of keeping all of us in NASIG apprised of new titles, new friends and new scholarship.

1. Title changes: Have you changed positions in your place of employment? Moved into a new position with a different employer? Been promoted? Retired?

Let me know (in the form of a blurb or paragraph, to include, but not be limited to, new job title and place of employment, and old job title and place of employment).

2. New members: Have you joined our illustrious organization? Would you care to tell us what led you to the wonderful world of serials? Let me know (in the form of a blurb or paragraph (or more–sometimes, your stories need room to move), to include your position and place of employment (including the position of “student”).

3. New scholarship: Have you published an article, an essay, a book? Written a review? Led a workshop? Presented a paper or poster? Let me know (in the form of Chicago Style).

The deadline for submissions will be the end of January. Thank you!


columns editor, NASIG Newsletter

Phone: (919) 962-2050, ext. 324

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