Members Invited to Discuss New Membership Category

NASIG is considering establishing a new membership category: Institutional Member.  This would allow an organization (of any type) to join NASIG as an Institutional Member for $1,500.  The membership fee would include individual memberships (with full privileges), plus registration at the current year’s conference, for any three individuals within the member organization.  It would also allow the organization to purchase a Vendor Expo table at a discounted price of $500.

To do so would require a change in the bylaws, so members are invited to participate in a discussion on the topic prior to a formal vote via ballot in October.  While indefinite discussion is allowed (and encouraged), the formal pre-vote discussion period will end on September 30, 2009.

To facilitate the discussion, we have created a discussion forum with this topic, and posted an FAQ document to start the ball rolling.  Please go to the NASIG homepage and click on “Discussion Forums” to see the new forum and contribute to the conversation.

Rick Anderson
NASIG President

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