Newsletter seeking member news!

I’ve learned the hard way that our new NASIG website empowers members to change their own profiles, thus eliminating the mechanism that used to generate content for the Newsletter’s “Title Changes” column.  Well, with great power comes great responsibility; the responsibility to let me know when your title changes (if you want to be part of the column, of course).  To help remind you, I’ll send a call each month [via e-mail], this being the first, asking for short paragraphs commenting on:

  1. Title changes:  Have you changed positions in your institution?  Moved into a new position at a different institution?  Been promoted?  Retired?  Let me know.
  2. New members:  Have you joined our illustrious organization?  Would you care to tell us what led you to the wonderful world of serials?  Let me know.
  3. New scholarship:  Have you published an article, an essay, a book?  Written a review?  Led a workshop?   Presented a paper or poster?  Let me know.

Kurt Blythe
columns editor, NASIG Newsletter


About CharS

NASIG member since 1996. Member of the Electronic Communication Committee (ECC) 2009/10- KLA Technical Services Round Table - webmaster, 2009-
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