Calling All NASIG Conference Photos

Do you have NASIG conference photos?

Do you use Flickr?

If you answered yes to both those questions, we want your photos to become a part of the Flickr RSS feed to the NASIG blog. All you have to do is tag your photos with “NASIG” and “NASIGyyyy” (e.g. this year’s photos would be “NASIG2009“). This way we can pull the photos together by year as well as getting all the NASIG photos together from all the years. Don’t be shy about captioning your photos either — there is nothing more frustrating than recognizing a face and not being able to come up with the name.

Don’t forget to join our Flickr group while you are on the site as well. If you are using another photo sharing site, let us know about it. If we have enough photos on other sites we will branch out.

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2 Responses to Calling All NASIG Conference Photos

  1. charsnasig says:

    Apparently, if you add older photos to the Group ‘pool’ they don’t sort in ‘date taken order’. Bummer. So if you click on the ‘pool’ today from the link above, you’ll see photos I took in Phoenix last year!

  2. Barbara Pope says:

    I took some photos at Crest Mountain and posted them on Flickr.

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