Saturday night post

We’re heading towards Sunday and everyone seems pleased with how the conference has gone.  The glitches have been minor and few.  This evening at the Crest Center was quite nice.  The setting sun was a bit intense but after 2 days of overcast cloudiness we were basking in the sun – but then, it was a wee bit hot in the Crest Pavilion, but as the sun went down it cooled off (and then the mosquistos arrived and we departed!)

Those who stayed for the music (Wishing Chair – you can find them on FaceBook) enjoyed it. I bought 2 more CDs and also a bumper sticker – I am now a “Chairhead!”  Thanks Anna, for getting Miriam and Kiya to play for us.

As I write, there are all the usual suspects downstair in the lobby bar of the Marriott and we are recreating the Late Night Social after a few years of social  drought.

This year’s CPC has been just fabulous.  What a bunch of hard working people and also we had great fun!

And – the sessions have been useful and timely – from what I hear – I can only report this second hand since I have been too busy to attend many.

My time here in Asheville has been interesting.  I lived in Boone for 18 years and occasionally travelled to Asheville for work related meetings but I had no idea how “alternative” the town had become.

Thanks to everyone who has participated in this conference.  It has been incredible!

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One Response to Saturday night post

  1. Lisa Blackwell says:

    CPC did an outstanding job! Asheville was a wonderful place to visit and I even managed to participate in my first late-night social ever. (if the pics ever appear I’ll kill those responsible lol)

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