What will the weather be like in Asheville? And what should I wear?

Isn’t it great that we have weather web sites to give us this kind of information at a moment’s notice?  Yes, but until you are there, you don’t know for real what it will be like.

Asheville is at a slightly high elevation – not nose bleed territory by any means, and it’s going to be humid this time of year.  Temps are currently tracking between the high 50’s at night and low 80’s during the day.  A light jacket or sweater would be useful, and also rain gear.  The droughts from last year are long gone and it’s been pretty soggy in the NC mountains this spring.  So an umbrella and waterproof jacket would be advisable.

First timers:  WE ARE NOT KIDDING when we say NASIG is an informal conference.  Leave your suit at home, even if you are a speaker.  You do NOT need to dress up.  Shorts and a T-shirt (preferably a NASIG T-shirt) are the expected uniform.  Kind of like summer camp.  OK, you might not like that look, so use your own judgment – but dress comfortably.

Asheville is full of tourists tromping about, plus the locals are pretty “granola” so a casual look will make you feel right at home!

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