Handouts Available!

The Program Planning Committee is pleased to announce the availablity of handouts for a number of sessions on the conference website . Please note that you must be logged in to the NASIG website to view this page. We will also be distributing handouts on flashdrives at the conference, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Serials Solutions!

Kudos to our hardworking handouts coordinator, Michael Hanson, and his Lafayette College co-worker for loading flashdrives and posting presentations.

Presenters, it’s not too late to send in your handouts to be posted.

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4 Responses to Handouts Available!

  1. Kathryn Wesley says:

    I love that we’re getting flashdrives. That conference handouts will be on them is really the icing on the cake! Thanks CPC!!

  2. Phil Wallas says:

    Any chance an attendee list will be available before the conference ?(understanding that it will not include late registrants)

    • moragboyd says:

      This is an interesting idea. Because NASIG has never done this before, we would like the Board to discuss.
      We will see you in Asheville, where a list will be available.
      – PPC Co-Chair

  3. eleanorcook says:

    And thanks to Serials Solutions for providing the flash drives and to PPC and CPC members who gathered and then loaded the contents!s

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