Various conference updates from your Conference Planning Committee

Our Custom Shuttle Service from the Asheville airport on Thursday and Sunday is proving popular – there are still spaces left – click on TRAVEL and then NASIG Airport Shuttle for more information.  Coming in another day other than Thursday?  Try finding taxi buddies or a ride from someone through the NASIG Discussion Forum for the Annual Conference.  Or contact us at if you have special needs.

If you are driving to Asheville and aren’t staying at the conference hotels (yes, we know there are a few of you!) you can still park at the Marriott for FREE.

Gas prices are creeping up again, and Asheville has some of the highest gas prices in the state.  So fill up OUTSIDE of Asheville.  Also, Sam’s Club (if you are a member) has gas prices 8-10 cents cheaper than any other place.  There is a Sam’s in Asheville and in many other locations in the state.  Go to the Sam’s Club web site for more information.

Also, AAA Carolinas has a Fuel Price Finder feature – see:

You don’t have to be a member of AAA to use this!

Don’t forget that gas prices tend to be higher around the airport (whatever airport you’re coming into)

THE CONFERENCE REGISTRATION link has been removed because in order to register now, you have to pay the late fee.

The FINAL CONFERENCE schedule is now available on the conference web site.  Two things of note:

The BOARD’s meeting room has changed.  The Board has been notified of this. They are now meeting in the Victoria Room

Committee meeting room assignments have not yet been made and you will get this at the conference.

PLEASE NOTE THAT Dine-Arounds are not going to be “organized” as in the past – they are on your own to develop – don’t worry there are plenty of great places to eat in Downtown Asheville (more on this soon)

We’re almost there.

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