UPDATED! Program Addition: “Open Forum: The Future of Library Systems”

The Program Planning Committee is pleased to announce a new addition to the 2009 conference program: an open-discussion format session to faciliate discussion about new directions in library systems.  Please see this background information to learn more about the subject, and join us on Saturday, June 6, 2-3:30 (note time change from previous announcement)  in the Victoria Room (2nd floor), and bring your ideas, concerns, and hopes to share!

Open Forum: The Future of Library Systems
Join your NASIG colleagues discussing new options for ILS provision from open source providers, OCLC, and the Open Library Environment (OLE) Project. The discussion will center on what is available, what people think are the greatest potential with these options, and what
are the biggest challenges. Come and brainstorm some possible serial futures in an open-source or cooperative processing environment. How can we best take serials management into the cloud-computing and distributed networks of the near future?
Moderator: Maria Collins, North Carolina State University

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