Count Down to Asheville – a few general remarks from your CPC Crew

Hello everyone,

Steve and Eleanor and the rest of the CPC are really busy getting ready to see you all.  Frieda Rosenberg and Jacquie Samples have been busy getting the final printed program and packets pulled  together.  Morag Boyd of PPC has been our “eagle eye” watching for last minute changes that are needed for the program!  Maria Collins and Selden Lamoureaux have been working like crazy with our sponsors.  Christie Degener and Merrill Smith are making sure we get fed and watered well.  Nancy Newsome is taking airport shuttle reservations for those of you coming in from the Asheville airport.  Mary Bailey is registering last minute folks (remember the deadline is May 25th!)  Of course you can register later but there’s a late fee.  Jennifer Arnold is shadowing Mary and planning the Fun Run (check this blog for more information soon).  Jennifer and Gale Teaster want to know who wants to go out to the ballgame on Friday night! Chris Burris is girding his loins to manage the AV situation.  Shoko Tokoro and Rob Wolf  have been busily updating the web site as fast as they can.  Kay Johnson and Pam Draper want you to go to the NASIG souvenir site and buy stuff!  And Kay (along with Susan Davis, not on CPC but very NASIG saavy) stand ready to give free advice as “Travel Gurus.”  Laurie Edwards stands ready to assist with local information, And Rebecca Kemp is monitoring the NASIG forums and is serving as Jane-of-all trades.  WHEW!  Did I miss anyone?

Yes, I did – we are missing Erika Ripley, PPC co-chair who is home with her beautiful new baby.  We miss you Erika!  The able Anne Mitchell is filling in for Erika.

Also – the Board members, especially our Board Liaison Sarah Wessel, have been absolutely so supportive, it’s made this a wonderful experience so far.

And all the committees, EEC and Awards & Recognition in particular, have been there supporting the whole shebang.

SO – what do you want to know about?

Asheville entertainment  information is PLENTIFUL and please explore the web links we have.

One warning to heed:  Airport transportation in Asheville is NOT what we would like it to be.  Hence, the custom shuttle.  IF YOU ARE COMING IN AT AN ODD TIME  (i.e., any time but Thursday)  USE THE FORUMS or network with friends to get a ride from the airport.  Taxis are really expensive and there isn’t much else.  We will help you as much as we can – plenty of people will have cars.  Same goes for the return to the airport.


If you are not  going to the Biltmore Friday event and still want to see the Biltmore House GUESS WHAT – we are raffling off SIX passes to Biltmore on FRIDAY.  Tickets will be $1 each.

All proceeds will go to our Grants.  These passes are basic passes – 1 is good  thru July and the other 5 are good thru mid Sept.   MORE ABOUT THIS SOON.  STAY TUNED

See you all there!

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