Rooms Reservations with the Galt House

The contract NASIG has with the Galt House includes a block of rooms reserved for each night. We have already exceeded the number of rooms in the block for both Tuesday and Wednesday nights, which contributed to the problem with reservations. In addition, the Galt House had just implemented a new booking system. If you try to reserve a room, and the number of rooms in the block has been exceeded, then the system will not allow the person reserving the room to override the block.

To assist the high demand for rooms, the Galt House has been adding rooms to the blocks. However, due to the high demand, there are not many standard rooms available. The standard rooms in the West Tower are $95 (single/double) and $105 (triple/quad). The “executive suite” rooms in the East Tower are $115 (single/double) and $125 (triple/quad). From the Galt House web site: “Each suite has over 720 square feet of space, a luxurious bathroom, vanity and a separate bedroom with two double beds. Many offer complimentary high-speed Internet access.”

If you encounter problems making a room reservation, you need to call the Galt House at 1-800-THE GALT (or 502-589-5200) and make your reservation.

There are still plenty of rooms available, and the Galt House is still giving us the conference rate for the additional rooms beyond the block.

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